You have already tried to:
1) Toughen up and build who you want to be.
2) Read some books about ‘not giving a fuck’.
3) And yes, in general try to avoid feeling too bad with (maybe) trying to be more positive and optimistic.
And the reality is; it didn’t work. And it didn’t because what you have done all the way is to avoid that thing you need to look at.
Because if you don’t look at that “thing” (being your anxiety, your fear of not succeeding, your anger or the fact that you have never been In love). That thing: won’t change.
I am going to help you look at what  has been bothering you for too long. And you will grow.
I have worked with employees from Coke, Danone, Airbnb amongst other companies.  My approach is a holistic approach where we will work with shadow work, inner child  and fragmentation. 
It is time you start feeling better, it is time you thrive and let go of that heavy, and most of the time, burdening thing. 
Julia Villalobos reviews
"Before I met Julia my life was torment. Everyday I would endure several mental and physical suffering. I started to wonder what's the point of life if it mainly consisted of pain.(...) Until a friend recommended I work with Julia. Her work gives us the clarity to approach our past, present and future with the right mental outlook.(...) We become able to process events in our lives and change our unhealthy mental habits that become so ingrained. Now I feel I remain ever invincible and nothing can obscure my happiness. I put all my trust in Julia, and it certainly paid off."
The Julia Villalobos therapy
Web Designer
"Julia is helping me to put my life in order. I wasn't able to remember my memories from the past and that is why I decided visiting her. We are working on my past to solve this and at the same time more issues are coming over that are being solved, that is giving me a best life quality based on clarity, focus and being able to live the present without obfuscated by not relevant matters. I have been going to therapy since I was a teen, but nobody has helped me as she is doing. as soon as I noticed the big change in my mind I decided to try with my son and my daughter going to visit her. They are happier, more relaxed and gaining confidence on themselves since then."
"My sessions with Julia helped me to heal in more ways that i could have never imagined.(...)The sessions helped me to get in touch with my feelings about how I was living and my external circumstances that I had set up for myself(...)The process she uses is quite unique, what she does is to locate your emotion in both physical and visual way and move them outward. This way you can embrace how you feel about a situation without running away from it. I have started  investing more in myself emotionally and have really begun to love who I am. I feel like the life and direction that I a taking myself is true and full of new experiences that I can fully appreciate. I understand who I am more and I feel I can accomplish anything I put my mind towards. After our sessions I have been acting more freely and fluidly, living my life with a lighter heart and more joy."
Sarita Mahinay
"I took a session with Julia because I was feeling insecure and not seeing clearly about what step to take next in my professional career. The approach was unexpected to me, because she made me travel around my body feelings, she guided me to follow those sensations in a very encouraging and respectful way. Thanks to her, I was able to get rid of a physical blockage, which let me to mental a, emotional ease in little time. In a matter of hours the effect was clear to me and I could flow calmly, as if the rocks were removed from my patth. I would totally recommend her to everyone, she is a very good guide and support, a 10 out of 10 professional. Keep up the good work Julia and thanks a lot for your help!"
Nuria Cobo
Translator and teacher

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