“And They lived happily ever after”….wait a moment!

“And They lived happily ever after.”

One of the reasons why we are not happy is because we chase happiness all the time. Is it true?

I used to believe there was something wrong with me because some times (many times) I wasn’t feeling as happy as I thought I had to feel. Researching, exploring and feeling sad trying to understand myself.

There is always Sun after the rain. There is always sun after the tears.

I believe life is a continuous path of learning, and we learn by feeling (sometimes feeling really bad) and finally allowing ourselves to learn from that situation, emotion, conflict.

People Who “don’t’ grow” who don’t learn and who get stuck in their lives are usually the ones who don’t allow themselves to explore that situation through feeling it. They try to understand it while controlling it, but if emotions (remember the word emotion comes from the latin motus which means movement, motion and by extension, to advance) is not into the picture, it is really hard for people to overcome, release and learn from it.

So here, my 2 piece of advice. Let yourself feel.

1. Observe and learn from a situation. By doing it rationally you don’t integrate all the info that is needed, therefore you don’t move forward, you stay exactly where you are.

2. Let yourself surrender (as a scary or not under control as it may sound). When we collapse, surrender and allow ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling. We grow from it, but better. Once we have learnt something we are never the same. That understanding and learning has been incorporated in us and we have become someone wiser, stronger and deeper.

This is life. Continuous learning and continuous becoming someone better.

Do you dare to let yourself feel to let go?

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