Are you real and authentic? Is that good?

I used to feel scared of being myself. I was a “little too much”. They said. Speak softer and slower, write differently, try to look more professional, be a little bit less you.  What you do is quite ok, but.

BUT. This “but” used to cut off my wings.

And my creativity. It wasn’t flowing. I wasn’t able to find myself, to get to know myself. Trying to be different (trying to be better) wasn’t allowing to find my space and room into the world. I needed a space where I could be myself to keep growing and giving, learning and teaching.

And I have tried. I spoke softer, I tried to slow down my enthusiasm and passion for things, for life. But after doing that, it was really hard to really “find” and understand myself. I tried to find her, but I wasn’t sure where she had gone.

Until I understood that my fuel was enthusiasm for what I did. Please don’t imagine myself like someone running around a green field (Heidi Style). When I talk about enthusiasm I talk about projects, people and life. A kind of enthusiasm where I am happy, where I understand and where I make people shine and grow towards their goals. An enthusiasm that makes me get up from bed, everyday, and makes me happy to be alive and doing what I do.

I won’t change the tone of my voice, the way I speak or the way I write. I will share with you that enthusiasm and the idea that being your authentic you can take you where you want to go. Authenticity is the best thing we can give to the world. It is what makes us connect, it is what makes us feel in peace (we are not hiding), it is what makes us achieve our goals, because then, they are real, authentic goals.

Please, let me know. What do you think? Are you being authentic? Do you like being authentic?

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