How I work

I offer online sessions through video calls. This means you only need WiFi connection and a computer or a phone to talk to me from anywhere in the world. Sessions are tailored to your needs and hours. In the beginning I recommend to do weekly sessions. They usually last one hour.

I offer support through email and text. I work  with people for shorter time (1 to 6 sessions) or a longer time. It all depends on your concerns and goals.

My Moto

My goal with you is that during the process you should feel comfortable and not judged, this means I am not judging you, I understand what you are going through and my purpose is for you to understand your mind and your emotions better. I work with specific techniques to from neuroscience and programming to help you have a thriving and better life. The ultimate goal is for you to decide and discover what is better for you and how to feel better and more empowered.

I am here to give you a hand.

What to expect

In the first session I will ask you what has made you start therapy, how you feel on a daily basis and what your goals are.

What is “not quite working out” for you. And we will try and discover what the main reasons may be. We will make a plan on how you can overcome your insecurities and meet your goals. And then start working. The sessions need to be practical and effective, this is why during the sessions we work with specific dynamics to help you release conflicts and increase your mind plasticity.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is for you. Your moment, your space.

Are online sessions effective?

Online is the future. The research on its efficacy is growing fast. 

Some people are worried that online therapy will make them feel distant from the therapist. I used to think the same, but after doing and receiving therapy online I discovered that genuine connection can be created online, as well as in person. 

Online therapy fits your busy lifestyle and therefore easier to commit to. Regular therapy is part of the key to seeing results.

Feel free to ask for a free consultation. A call of 20 minutes to talk about you and your needs.